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Local Influencer Marketing

Local influencer marketing services can help your business grow. Connect with top influencers in your area to expand your business’s reach and build trust in the community.

Authentic Content, Real results

How We Can Help

Vetting & Selection2024-02-28T01:45:16+00:00

We will identify local influencers and notable individuals who have leverage in the community your local business serves.  Our vetting process ensures that your business is aligned with the right influencers who will deliver the most value for your business.

Terms & Negotiation2024-02-27T22:44:24+00:00

Our team negotiates with the local influencers on behalf of your business – from campaign scope to contract – ensuring that the influencer’s expectations align with the campaign goals.

Coordination & Scheduling2024-02-27T22:45:12+00:00

We take care of coordinating with the influencer to schedule their visit to your local business. Our team ensures that the timing aligns with your needs and that the influencer has all the necessary details to create engaging content that showcases the experience your local business offers.

Creative Direction2024-02-28T00:06:22+00:00

Our team provides direction to the influencers on the type of content and messaging that aligns with your brand’s voice and campaign goals, ensuring that the content is authentic and effective.

Timeline & Deliverables2024-02-28T01:50:30+00:00

We ensure that the influencer meets the agreed-upon deliverables such as the number of social media posts or videos, within the stipulated timeframe. Our team provides constant communication and support throughout the campaign to guarantee that the influencer fulfills their part of the agreement.

Content Repurposing2024-02-28T03:42:30+00:00

The Powerly repurposes the genuine and authentic content influencers create about your local business for use on your business’s social channels to reinforce social proof and relate to your audience.

Expand Reach

By partnering with local influencers and influential persons, you can extend your reach to their network and generate buzz for your business.

Build Trust

Establish trust and enhance your business’s reputation in the local community with timely responses to comments and messages, consistent posting, and maintaining professionalism with quality, branded content.

Recycle Content

Local influencers can create high-quality and authentic content featuring your business that can be repurposed on your own social media channels, providing additional value and exposure for your brand.


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