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Social media is a full-time job.

Operating a business also demands your full attention. Instead of juggling these responsibilities yourself, burdening a team member with additional tasks, or navigating the challenges and costs of hiring a social media manager with uncertain outcomes, turn to The Powerly- your one-stop social media solution.



Partnering with The Powerly for your social media management and marketing needs will save you an average of 75% compared to hiring an in-house social media employee.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Industry Exclusivity2024-02-27T22:30:27+00:00

We dedicate our services exclusively to one business in each industry within a specific service area. This ensures that your business receives our undivided attention and optimal results, while your competitors do not.

Done-For-You Posting2024-02-27T22:30:18+00:00

Our team takes care of the strategic planning, scheduling, and publishing of social media posts. This not only maintains consistency and momentum to actively engage your community but also eliminates your need to worry about future posts, freeing you up to focus on your business while we ensure your social media presence thrives.

Professional Photo & Video2024-02-27T22:30:11+00:00

We provide professional photography and videography services to showcase your business. Working with local talent, including photographers and models, we take care of all the coordination details.

Graphic Design2024-02-27T22:30:05+00:00

Our team designs on-brand graphics for social media with a focus on consistency in colors, fonts, and styles, ensuring your business presents a professional, unified, and attractive brand image.


We provide copywriting services that produce professional captions for any industry, focusing on engagement, education, connection, and promotion to elevate your business’s presence and message.

Social Media Management Services

Best Social Media Platforms for Local Businesses

Professional visuals to attract customers and foster community.


Personalized content and targeted ads to spark local conversation.

Google Business Profile

Boost local visibility and reputation to attract nearby customers


Build a loyal local customer base with real-time stories and updates.


Network locally and position your business as an industry leader.

X (Formerly, Twitter)

Increase business visibility and interaction with impactful updates.

Plastic Surgery

“You make our facility look so beautiful. Your team is so talented!”

Ashley S. | Team Member

It pays to be social.


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